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Our MAM -- Some Basics and Screenshots


The basic reason we created the video tool was to:

Ø  Manage our entire archive of restored video and audio files.

Ø  Ensure quick archival access to all media files by our researchers, production staff and outside users, in a organized and secure way.

Ø  Enable instant access via searches by names, dates, tags, transcript and other metadata attached directly to specific point in the video.

Ø  Ensure smooth interface with our production operation.


File Formats

For both speed and security, the system use two formats of files for each asset: Proxy and Mezzanine. Proxy files are low resolution format with watermark for preview purposes. Mezzanine files are high resolution version for production use and/or export.



The tool has the ability to attach set of metadata fields to a specific time on a video or audio.

The system contains multiple layers of metadata, each with multiple fields:

Ø  Tape information and technical info.

Ø  Recording info, with many fields specific to the event.

Ø  Date, time, and location fields.

Ø  Names, of individuals in the scene, photographers, source of collection, and more.

Ø  Metadata content tags.


We’re now in the midst of adding two major metadata layers:

Ø  Subtitles and transcripts (10 languages). This will enable us to search the text of an interview and be brought instantly to that location.

Ø  Metadata tree. This will enable us to import all of our past content logs and Avid bins and connect them directly to the content, further enabling us to leverage our content lists.



Advanced internet browser based video player with variant playback speed, time code, ability to jump forward or backward at user-set amounts, mark in and out.



Ø  Ability to clone video to different server for use by editing facility.

Ø  Ability to export user-selected in-to-out selection to multiple formats (FFMPG).

Ø  Burn logo or time code onto the exported video.

Ø  Admin can monitor exports by users.



Ø  Free text search with the ability to narrow down results by multiple filters.

Ø  Index pages for people and dates.

Ø  Ability to filter results by the different layers of metadata.


User permissions:

To ensure high security the admin can limit user functionality or access to specific videos. 

Video Player


Video Player, Multiple Events

Tagging Screen



Interview Detail


Video Export Options


Recording/Events list

Name Index

Date Index


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